Article no. F21037301

The MicroMax series of products are control units for rotaing heat exchangers. The control units combine small dimensions with large capacity, and are very easy to fit and commission.

MicroMax370 is intended for rotors up to 3 500 mm with a rotor speed of max 12 RPM. If the wheel requires a faster wheel speed (12-25 rpm), the rotor diameter should be reduced.

Standard delivery includes an enclosed control unit, but can be supplied in a customised format. All control units in the MicroMax series can be included as components in one of our popular Drive sets.

  • User-friendly
  • Stable aluminium enclosure
  • Compact dimensions for embedding
  • Input signal 0-10 V
  • Alarm retention
  • CE-marked
  • Two-year product guarantee

Connection diagram

Function description
The MicroMax product series consists of modern control units with specific additional functions for the optimal control of a rotating heat exchanger.

Input signal 0-10 V
Heat exchanger RPM and consequently thermal efficiency are steplessly governed by the control unit so that rotor speed is proportional to the input signal from the control centre. If the input signal is less than the set threshold value the rotor is stopped.

Cleaning function
When the rotor has been still for 30 minutes, the cleaning function is activated and the rotor rotates for 10 seconds at 12 RPM.

Rotation monitor
The rotation monitor stops the control unit and generates an alarm if the rotor stops rotating. The control unit generates an alarm and trips unless a pulse is received every 5 minutes.

The control unit trips and generates an alarm in the event of over or under-voltage, short-circuiting or earth leakage, and if a thermal switch has tripped inside the motor. All alarm events are retained.

Manual speed
Possibility of externally controlling the maximum speed.

DIP switch for manual runat high or low speed RPM.

Technical data
Connection voltage
1x230-240 V, +/-15%
Connection frequency
50-60 Hz
Power input, max.
650 W
Input current, max.
2,8 A
External fuse, max.
10 A
Output voltage*)
3x0-230 V
Output frequency
5-100 Hz
Min. frequency
(Fixed) 5 Hz
Max. frequency
40-100 Hz
Motor output max.
370 W
Motor current max.
1,9 A
Overload 2 min/30 min
3,5 A
Internal fuse**)
4 AT
Acceleration time
(Fixed) 30 sec
Retardation time
(Fixed) 30 sec
Ambient temperature, non condensing
-20 - +45 °C
Protection form
1,1 kg
Dimensions, HxWxD
198x165x60 mm
Exact value cannot be obtained with a digital measuring instrument
The fuse protects both motor and electronics

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