About us at IBC

IBC is a family-owned mini group with more than 50 employees. The company is located in Höganäs, Sweden and has a turnover of just over 75 million SEK.

In addition to IBC control, the group also comprises of IBC automatic and IBC elinstallation.

IBC automatic designs, manufactures and installs automatic equipment for industry. Our customers are primarily in the regions of Skåne and Halland.

IBC elinstallation, which is the largest electrical company in Höganäs, carries out electrical installations for industry, agriculture and private individuals. This is our own local company with customers primarily in Höganäs and Helsingborg.

It all started in a cellar in 1983, under the name of IBC automatic.
This is where we started designing and manufacturing automatic equipment.

In 1988 the electronics company Wema Elektronic, was acquired, which was of significant importance for the development of the company. They manufactured frequency converters, a product that went on to become the embryo to the control units for rotating heat exchangers.

In 1994 IBC automatic also started to carry out traditional electrical installations, and in 1998 an old, established electrical company, Cederhags Elektriska in Mjöhult, was acquired. In 2012 we bought Jannes Elservice AB.
These companies conglomerated to form a new company, IBC elinstallation AB.

In 2014 IBC was converted into a company and divided up into three operating companies:
IBC control, IBC automatic and IBC elinstallation. And this is where we're at today!

                              IBC's goal is to continue to grow in the respective markets.


                                                ”IBC – three companies, infinite possibilities”